Master of Fine Arts Fall Show

These photographs are from the performance event of Master of Fine Art students 
at the School for Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University.
In this group show for friends, family, SCA faculty, other SCA students,
and invested community members, the first year SCA MFA students share
their second collaborative project, themed around materiality.
This is a series of interdisciplinary experiences combining performance,
movement, sound, music, video, photography, painting, and writing.

Featuring Caitlin Almond, Hannah Campbell, Kourosh Ghamsari-Esfahani, Casper Leerink, Xinyue Liu, Debby Micho, Luciana Saldanha Fortes, ilvs strauss, Jennifer Tham, Meagan Woods, Tomoyo Yamada, Ghinwa Yassine, and Joey Zaurrini.

Posted in: Portraiture

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