Creative Philosophy

Creative Philosophy

The identity of the Other is the collective identity of those who are deemed to be less significant, those who, by prejudiced standards of society, are deemed to be failures in history. Failure is a way of feeling. Also, failure represents a place of being less than which offers the opportunity for change and transformation. My work challenges the idea of fixed identities, thereby changing the dynamics of looking, leaving it to the viewer to conjure up different ways of being and becoming in a world that is constantly in-flux, and changing.

Writing Practice

As a writer, I create speeches for art events, academic symposiums, conferences, public gatherings, and workshops.

Art Practice

As an artist, I construct visual media that portrays the image of the Other. Often, the Other is seen as less than, and is seen as a failure which perpetuates the idea that one is better than the other. Failure is a place where we can open ourselves up to creative, cooperative, and surprising ways of being int he world, in relation to one another.

Let’s make something together.