The Time-Image in Painting

Images are presented to the viewer to either be accepted to detested. The circumstances of these images are thrown in with each other, bringing together one or another. Unfixed structures in systems that cannot be changed is demonstrated by  Gilles Deleuze on the Time-Image.  Time is an effect of action, putting the notion of truth into crisis. Movement is presented by a medium that traverses time and space in a linear movement, traversing the narrative of time and power, enabling the present to intervene with the past. It is in this relationship that an artistic medium that transformative change is set forward. The medium itself is objective. It does not take sides even when a particular point of view is presented by the filmmaker, photographer, or writer. The medium remains objective in conveying each truth or fiction, and it is in this objectivity that it is able to show what is outside of what is being shown. The medium itself becomes our own system of judgment.