Sports Bio

Passion is what drives me to pursue. I have a very talented and inspiring wife, and a big family who teaches me a lot about love, life, and humility.

My wife and I train crosstrain in cycling, running, and olympic weightlifting as a team.

  • Summer 2018 Olympic Power & Fitness (West Coast) Club, Olympic Weightlifting
  • Spring 2017 – 2018 Caledonia Weightlifting Club, Olympic Weightlifting

I have a competitive background in sports. However, an ACL injury ended my career in the cutthroat world of college sports, leading me to pursue a career in coaching. I have since coached Point Grey Secondary’s Junior Girls Basketball team from 2010 to 2014, and Cariboo Hill Secondary’s Bantam team from 2015-2016. I am taking a short break from coaching in order to focus on my career as an emerging writer and arts scholar.

  • Fall 2015 – Winter 2016, Cariboo Hill Secondary Junior Girls Basketball team Head CoacH
  • Fall 2012 – Winter 2013 ,Pointgrey Secondary Junior Girls Basketball team, Head Coach
  • Fall 2011 – Winter 2012, Pointgrey Secondary Junior Girls Basketball team, Head Coach
  • Fall 2010 – Winter 2011, Pointgrey Secondary Junior Girls Basketball team, Assistant Coach
  • Fall 2008 – Spring 2010, Capilano University Blues Basketball team, Point Guard
  • Fall 2008 – 2009, Metro Women’s Soccer League Div 3. Champions, Vancouver Wildcats.
  • Fall 2005 – 2008, Metro Women’s Soccer League, Vancouver Wildcats team, Right-Mid / Defensive Player