Stunned. That’s what it felt like, looking into your eyes last night, dancing through the concert lights. I love the way you carry yourself in the crowd. I love the confidence you exuberate. I was simply stunned, wrapped in your charm. I keep thinking about the places that I have been to before, thinking about if I saw you, what would I do? In a different life, if our eyes met across a crowded room, I would smile and hold your gaze for a few seconds. You’d probably brush your hair to the back of your ear and look down. I would probably look away,  and we would both convince ourselves that we were just surveying the room. But in those few seconds we held our gaze, the way we looked at each other’s photographs and profiles online, as anonymous strangers, we would have drawn a quick read on each other, assessing whether or not to approach or message at once. I would then, perhaps, hover amoungst the crowd, pretending I am checking other people out, when the reality is that I am carefully paying close attention to you, waiting for you to look at me. Then, that would be a hint, a visit on a profile. Butterflies move through chaos in an uncontainable knot, and once again, I would convince myself of how can you possibly be watching me when you are the most stunning person in the room.

Standing in the centre of the soundscape, your blonde hair moves to the quiet force of the draft circulating around the room, the force of which comes from the blaring speakers. Your shoulders move left to right, rocking back and forth, as your hips sway, moving your body, elegantly, gracefully, softly, amoungst the harsh lights and deafening sounds. This is the silhouette of you. Then you smile, and my world quickly falters. The lines in your eyes echo the rays of the sun, your eyes become the centre of my universe. Your lips become the glossy reflection of the surface of the ocean as we dance to dusk with our bikes at English Bay. And your body. Your body becomes the waves that I keep crashing into. A rising crescendo of the tides as the moon pulls us closer together. A gravity of forces creating different phases in the moonlight.