Documenting Artists-In-Residence

Vancouver Biennale 2014-2016

Jenna Ten-Yuk is an East Coast Spoken Word Artist. These photographs are from her final event as Artist in Residence for the Vancouver Biennale at Our Town Cafe on Main Street.

Jonathan Borofsky, Human Structures, Vancouver, 2016. Exploring questions about human life, the collective consciousness of humanity, and how we are all connected.

Vik Muniz, Waste Land, Film Screening and Public Interview with people of the Squamish Nation and the Vancouver Biennale crew at Totem Hall, Squamish. The Academy-Nominated documentary features Muniz in his unconventional process of turning discarded materials into works of art, giving it back to the community as a greater effort for a collaborative culture of art, nature, and the nature of human beings.

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